The King of Self-Care back in Australia

Hello Self-Healers,

The champion of self-care, Wholefood Cowboy Don Tolman is back from Utah for his new lecture season.  Free tickets are available at for his 31st May Sunshine Coast, 1st June Gold Coast, June 3rd Perth, June 5th Sydney, 7th June Auckland and June 9th lecture at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne.  The free lectures are well worth dragging yourself into the cold winter’s night for.

Brilliant and funny in his delivery and astounding in the breadth of his knowledge, Don Tolman cements your faith in your body’s ability to heal itself.  We did a bit of investigating and found out Don studied as a neurosurgeon in America before challenging the medical system and embarking on his life’s work as an educator. But, not that he would tell you – his only claim at credentials is that he took the third grade twice. The Healthery did the big man’s ‘boot camp’ weekend on the Gold Coast last year and loved every minute of it.   In his own words, he certainly delivers the ‘truest truth’. Watch a brief video of Don Tolman being interviewed by Samantha Bachman after the jump.

In the near future, we hope to bring you our book review on Tolman’s FDR (Farmacist’s Dest Reference) as soon as we finish reading all 1600 pages!

Dr John Rengen Virapen Big Pharma Whistleblower

Speaking of anti-establishment medical renegades, check out Eli Lilly (one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world) high-level whistleblower Dr. John Rengen Virapen. To some of you, this is old news as he blew the whistle over five years ago.  We have only just stumbled across this and recognised immediately that everyone really needs to see this.

In every way, he confirms what Don Tolman, Mike Adams and other self-healing advocates have been telling the world for years, but it is made all the more interesting because the warning comes straight from the pharmaceutical villain’s mouth.  This reformed Dark Lord confesses to bribing the Swedish government to get Prozac across the line, exposes the invention of ADHD, and challenges his audience to tell him when the last time a pharma company ever cured anyone. In fact, he offers the audience $100 euro to whoever can find an example.

He doesn’t claim to have crossed over to the light side, but he does suggest a type of spiritual awakening that led to his whistleblowing and has pledged the remainder of his life to protecting the next generation.  He warns of the pharmaceutical companies turning on children for profits as the baby boomer generation dies off.  The foundational message in his lectures and books is easy to apply: “Take care of yourself and don’t fall for the junk that is out there.” This is essential investigating for anyone still thinking that the pharmaceutical-medical industry really does love them.

Dr John Rengen Virapen Big Pharma Whistleblower Speaks Out at the AZK in Germany (Four parts):








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