We’ve put together a list of books that we have found invaluable in our quest for perfect health.
If you feel that we may have left one out, we would love to hear your suggestions…


back_to_edenBack To Eden
Jethro Kloss
The Classic Guide to Herbal Medicine, Natural Foods, and Home Remedies since 1939.

the-art-of-fermentationThe Art of Fermentation
Sandor Ellix Katz
An In-depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes from Around the World.

the-nature-doctor-a-manual-of-traditional-and-complementary-medicineNature Doctor
Alfred Vogel
A Manual Of Traditional And Complementary Medicine.

FDR_Product_Hero_1Farmacist Desk Reference Vol 1 & 2
Don Tolman
The FDR™ is the 21st century’s ultimate (time consorted) definitive compendium of humanities relationship to life and vitality using plant whole foods as preventative and remissive medicine. The FDR™ contains whole food wisdom from the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, Chinese, Native Americans, Incas and others who through time treated themselves to high vitality and longevity using plant produced whole food.

cleanse_&_purify_thyselfCleanse & Purify Thyself
Richard Anderson
The 2007 edition of Dr. Anderson’s best-seller, Cleanse & Purify Thyself, Book 1 is newly edited for the 21st century, easy-to-read and contains numerous handy references. This is probably the best book on internal cleansing that you will ever read. It tells you how to create an internal cleansing program for yourself, and it leaves you with no doubt as to why you would! This is informative and inspiring reading.



Dancing-front-cover-150-dpi-179x300Dancing With Water
MJ Pangman, M.S. & Melanie Evans
An engaging and well-referenced guide designed for everyone (professional and nonprofessional) interested in understanding and revitalizing their water. It accomplishes what no other book has attempted—the blending of science with esoteric wisdom that has survived the ages. Dancing with Water introduces the New Science of Water, leading the way to a more complete understanding of water’s liquid crystalline phase and of its biological significance.

Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, Martin Zucker
The solution for chronic inflammation, regarded as the cause of most common modern diseases, has been identified! And it is not blueberries. It is something right beneath our feet-the Earth itself! Throughout most of evolution humans walked barefoot and slept on the ground, largely oblivious that the surface of the Earth contains limitless healing energy. Science has discovered this energy as free-flowing electrons constantly replenished by solar radiation and lightning. Few people know it, but the ground provides a subtle electric signal that maintains health and governs the intricate mechanisms that make our bodies work-just like plugging a lamp into a power socket makes it light up. Modern lifestyle, including the widespread use of insulative rubber or plastic-soled shoes, has disconnected us from this energy and, of course, we no longer sleep on the ground as we did in times past. Earthing introduces the planet’s powerful, amazing, and overlooked natural healing energy and how people anywhere can readily connect to it. This eye-opening book describes how the physical disconnect with the Earth creates abnormal physiology and contributes to inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress, and poor sleep. By reconnecting to the Earth, symptoms are rapidly relieved and even eliminated and recovery from surgery, injury, and athletic overexertion is accelerated. This never-before-told story-filled with fascinating research and real-life testimonials- chronicles a discovery with the potential to create a global health revolution.

The True Power of Water
Masaru Emoto
Internationally known researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto challenged prevailing ideas of illness with his previous book The Hidden Messages in Water, which demonstrated that molecules of water are affected by thoughts, words, and feelings, and that water contains extraordinary therapeutic powers unrecognized by Western medicine. In this follow-up, he takes that research one step further by exploring the healing power of water – for example, the curative capabilities of water, the capability of prayer to change water, the response of water to music, and how an individual can promote the purity of rainwater. He explores the limitations of Western medicine and explains how many conditions that are thought of as hereditary may not necessarily be so. Written for a wide range of audiences, from cultural creatives to advocates for natural living, The True Power of Water shows how this most basic liquid that is called the foundation of life also holds the key to sustained good health and well-being.


The Light-Workers Companion
Amanda Guggenheimer
The Light-Worker’s Companion
supports you as you awaken to, or seek to further understand, your spiritual path. It is a companion and a friend, helping you open your channels to your Higher Self, and the Beings of Light guiding you. The book explains the spiritual assignments you may have volunteered for, prior to your incarnation on earth, and gives you keys to better manage these assignments. It focuses greatly on Ascension, the different phases you may experience as you Ascend, and introduces members of the spiritual family who assist you. Meditations and practical steps help you move confidently from the point of your initial awakening, into higher levels of awareness.



The Channels Companion
Amanda Guggenheimer
This book is a workbook for readers wishing to teach themselves to communicate with the higher realms. As you work through the levels in this book you will train yourself to consciously channel the higher realms. This training is a two-fold process of awakening your own abilities as well as learning how to facilitate healing and transformation in others. Do you have a sense of a spiritual family around you that is calling for connection with you as much as you are reaching out to them? Do you feel more attuned to receiving signs from the universe, especially from Nature, and more adept at interpreting the meaning between events that you might once have dismissed as coincidence, but now regard as synchronicity, as if orchestrated by a higher power? Do you find you are becoming more sensitive to environmental factors and messages from Earth as a living force and from the animal kingdom as divine messengers? From the author of the bestselling book The Light-Worker’s Companion, this book is offered as a course, a self-initiated workshop that encourages you to become your own teacher of channelling.


Chi, Discovering Your Life Energy
Master Waysun Liao
Chi is the invisible energy of life that flows in and around us throughout the universe. Used skillfully, it can have a remarkable effect on health and vitality—to the degree that you’d be tempted to call it magical, if it weren’t so completely natural. Here is a perfect introduction to chi that explains in a direct and simple way what it is and why it is essential to a healthy and vital life. It provides an easy-to-understand explanation of chi, and then helps readers recognize, develop, and strengthen their own chi through specific breathing techniques and basic exercises, all demonstrated by the author. There are many books on chi development through t’ai chi and qigong practice, but this one goes deeper to enable you to understand the fundamental principles as you cultivate it. This book is a reference for alternative health professionals such as acupuncturists and shiatsu therapists and their patients, as well as for anyone who practices t’ai chi, qigong, aikido, and other chi-based martial arts.